Acquiring Income Producing, Cash flowing Mult-family Residential Apartment Buildings in Texas and Tennessee.

Asset Size

Our current targets are 50-100 unit Multi-residential properties with C+/B- status allowing the opportunity for value add.


We are always looking for financing partners /investors who are interested in closing deals creatively and profitably. If you are an accredited investor looking for passive income generated from carefully vetted multi-family residential apartment buildings, don't hesitate to contact us.

About Us



Our main areas of investment is Tennessee, USA; Texas, USA, and eventually Tokyo, Japan.


Why Us?

Our team has the right amount of expertise and energy to close deals and capture  CoC returnsI for our partners/investors.


Growth1Capital(G1C) was originally founded as a small family office focused on non-correlated, recession-resistant business and real estate assets. As G1C's investment strategy has continued to be affirmed through favorable risk adjusted results, we have taken on additional investor capital in an effort to provide access to otherwise unavailable private investment vehicles.

Since inception, G1C has focused businesses with revenues between 1-$5.000.000 in revenues, while meeting our strict criteria for acquisition of 50-100 unit mult residential apartment buildings.

In connection with these investments, G1C has partnered with some of the most experienced and well respected asset managers across the United States. By leveraging these relationships as well as their due diligence processes with investor capital, G1C provides investors access to vetted institutional quality investment opportunities.



Our strategy is to acquire properties, and increase equity through value-add for tenants, which in turn allows increases in rents, enabling G1C to realize higher returns on our investments before exiting the investments.

Syndication Presentations

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