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M&A/Real Estate Syndication

M&A/Real Estate Syndication

M&A/Real Estate Syndication

  • The strength of G1C Group is a global and comprehensive approach.  In G1C Group's strategic business strategy, we invest in Multi-Family Apartment Complexes and Manufacturing companies that serve growing industries, which in turn are expected to make significant improvements in business or growth and attract superior management teams.  In addition, G1C Group is a disciplined investor focused on the long-term fundamentals of the property or business. 
  • We aim to be a close and cooperative partner with proven management teams and entrepreneurs. Knowledge of the industry, investment experience, management know-how is the strength of G1C Group in discovering investment opportunities and creating value. In addition to collaborating with the management team of the investee company, G1C group supports the management and takes a strategy to utilize all the resources of G1C Group's  platform.


Capital Raising

M&A/Real Estate Syndication

M&A/Real Estate Syndication

 All businesses need capital. 

  • Capital to either purchase Real Estate, start a new business or finance the growth and prosperity of an existing one is essential. Capital can be in many different forms, from equity investment, commercial debt, syndication or a mixture of the all.
    Regardless of the capital requirements, we research the various options and secure the best financing for our acquisitions.
  • As an investment company with a business-oriented perspective, G1C Group is a patient and disciplined approach to investment, investing human resources and sharing profits with all investment partners to create  the attractive investment returns that we've aimed for. 


Exit Strategy

M&A/Real Estate Syndication

Exit Strategy

  • The only reason to go into business is to eventually sell it. The time, energy, skill and capital invested into our businesses need to generate a financial return via an exit. 
  • Most of our exits are via a sale. 
  • We place the best management teams within our businesses so that they are highly attractive to buyers and/or investors, before marketing the business and/or property for sale in a controlled, professional process. We create all the deal marketing documents, control the flow of business information, arrange meetings and solicit offers before realizing the best options. 



Donald Thomas-Managing Director

  • Donald Thomas, Managing Director, is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate deal-maker. He has worked on transactions worth over $300 million, including acquisitions and sales, together with more than 20 capital fund raising projects. In a 22-year career, he has held management positions in Fortune 500 companies, founded businesses in the United States and Japan within the sectors of:  transportation and logistics, consumer goods and services, business services,  finance,  and travel and tourism.
  • Donald has a solid reputation as a leader, investor and corporate deal maker, having worked for American Airlines in several management capacities and also building businesses and working with other entrepreneurs in Asia and North America. He has also mentored under some of the best deal-makers in Asia and the UK for the past two years and gained invaluable experience in these efforts raising both equity and debt finance.



HKG LLP, is an independent, 3rd Party partner who assist us in analyzing the investee companies during the due diligence phase of acquisition. Their also assist us in managing our tax strategization and all financial reporting of our operations.

Maximize opportunities, mitigate risks, and improve your business performance. At HKG, LLP, they work collaboratively with their clients and offer a continually broadening array of services, strategy consulting, and industry offerings. Their commitment to client service has positioned them as a highly sought-after CPA and business solutions provider.

HKG’s innovative corporate culture positions them as an employer of choice, enabling us to attract and retain talented professionals who contribute to our clients' success as well as to our own.

Consulting Services They Offer:

  • Accounting for stock options, new systems (Carta, Solium, Equity Edge)
  • Audit preparation (audit schedule and financial statement preparation, interfacing with auditors)
  • Financial and SEC reporting (public and private disclosure/reporting requirements)
  • Interim CFO and Controller services
  • IPO readiness (S-1 preparation, understanding and fulfilling filing requirements)
  • IT audits, consulting and support
  • Litigation support
  • SOX compliance and implementation services
  • Support for adoption of new accounting standards (revenue, leases etc)
  • Tax provision
  • Technical accounting support, implementation and reporting
  • Technology solutions

HKG continually reviews and enhances our best practices and technological capabilities, so they can offer their clients the most current solutions. The experience and insight gained through firm-wide cooperation also allows their professionals to learn and develop throughout their careers by working side-by-side with industry leaders and innovators. As a result, their dedicated audit, tax, and advisory professionals are experts in their fields, who take pride in leading their clients towards a more successful future by anticipating opportunities on the horizon rather than react to short-term competitive pressures.

Accounting firms are not all the same. HKG distinguishes themselves by connecting with their clients as partners and fully understanding what's important to their unique businesses.

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