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Finding an adventure that matches your style on vacation is time-consuming or near impossible coupled with being in a foreign country and not speaking the language. With this book, all else you'll need to is bring your gear!  


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Japan is such an amazing place with incredible experiences to be had! Since moving here 5 years ago, inbound travel has boomed; however, I see a disproportionate amount of East Asian tourist to Westerners. It took a while for me to learn the geography of Japan and the hidden treasures in the off-the-beaten path locations. For me, nature has always been an aphrodisiac and nothing gives me more of a natural high than running through or trekking a mountain, snowboarding down the slopes, diving in beautiful waters, or rafting down white water rivers.

While there are many others who enjoy these activities, it seems many are deterred from doing these in Japan, as English is seldom spoken outside the major city centers of Japan. With our stories of adventures in the hidden nooks and crannies of Japan, you'll walk away feeling like a native with far less trepidation about traveling off the beaten path and finding nirvana in the adventures that await you in Japan.

This book is a collection of stories and descriptions of travelers who have engaged Japan Explorations and left feeling more whole and fulfilled than they would have otherwise, along with stories from the author, Donald Thomas as well.

So strap up and prepare to be engaged, amazed, and ready to pack your bags for your next trip, to Japan! 

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